Who’s for ice-cream?


National ice cream month

In 1984 President Ronald Reagan designated July as National Ice Cream Month! Isn’t that a fab idea? I think the UK should definitely follow suit on this one.

Around 25% of all ice cream sold in the UK is vanilla. As a nation it seems we’re not terribly adventurous. Here are some more frozen facts:

Earliest reference

The earliest known reference to ice-cream in England was in 1672, at a feast of St George banquet at Windsor Castle. The lucky recipient of the country’s first ice cream headache could have been Charles II and his nearest and dearest.

Approximately 15 billion litres of ice-cream are consumed worldwide every year – enough to fill 5,000 Olympic swimming pools.

According to NASA, ice-cream is among the top three items most missed by astronauts on space missions: the others are pizza and fizzy drinks.

When Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield went into business as Ben & Jerry, they only chose ice-cream because bagel-making equipment was too expensive! Who knew?

Ice cream diet!!

There is actually a diet called ‘The Ice Cream Diet’…seriously! It was developed in Venice by an ice cream store (no surprises there) and involves ‘cleansing’ your body and mind by eating five pints of raw coconut-based ice-cream a day for four straight days…I assume that’s if you don’t give yourself brain-freeze or a coronary first!
Happy Ice Cream Month!

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