The Start


It’s a time of many firsts at the moment for me. Firstly, this is my first blog (fingers crossed it won’t be the last!) and secondly this is the first time I have run my own business, and a lingerie and swimwear boutique at that!

For the last 6 years, I’ve worked in Finance, spending the first two years, working full time and studying for my accountancy qualifications, and then spent the next 4 years enjoying the benefits of that qualification. You know, the last-minute requests from someone 3 levels above you who assumes nothing is too difficult on the ancient systems every company has, negotiating the office politics of who you ask when you are doing a tea run, those sorts of things. But seriously, I enjoyed a secure job with a steady income.

And now, I’m sat in my beautiful boutique, watching children (and adults!) hunt for Easter Egg Hunt clues at the Old Dairy Farm.  The steady income – gone. The weekends off – gone. The guaranteed 25 days’ holiday – gone. Yet, I have never been happier.

Already so much time and love has gone into the boutique. My husband, Tom, his girls and my family have given up hours and hours of their spare time to refurbish the boutique with me. Tom and I didn’t really see February as we were either at our full time jobs or doing some sort of DIY at the boutique.

We re-launched just over two weeks ago, and I have started to meet my brilliant customers – some old, some new. It’s been lovely to get great feedback on the look of the boutique and our new stock that we have brought in. I can see the relief on my customers’ faces when I say, we are keeping all the same brands as before because they’ve already found their perfect fit. Others who are new, come in for a fitting and you see the smiles on their face when they find their perfect fit and they feel special.

It’s those smiles that make this leap of faith worth it. I have always worn matching sets (not necessarily great quality ones, but I was a student in my defence!). When I went to university, my new friends were amazed at my sets, especially when they only had one white and one black bra. Even now, I’m saved in one of their phones with the underwear emoji!

I wore them because it made me feel good. A nice set can give anyone confidence, a spring in their step or maybe even a twinkle in their eye. No-one else has to know, but you do. You know you are wearing something that makes you feel and look you best! It’s your perfect fit. Already in my time in the boutique, I’ve had ladies come in apologising for how they look, only to not want to take a bra off and being unable to take their eyes off themselves in the mirror because it makes them feel great! And that’s worth any salary to me!

To find your perfect fit, pop in to see me at Sheer Delights, Old Dairy Farm. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @SheerDelights1 for all the latest information, or go to


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