Terracotta’s savvy sale advice to shoppers!


Fancy bagging yourself that lovely coat, that gorgeous dress, a cosy knit? Well, you can – and more besides. What to expect with the sale and what to keep an eye out for!!

Coat and jackets:
Expect a variety of coats and jackets for this season. Classic styles like the plaid, lapel coat, trench coat, and fashionable styles like the bomber, puffa and biker jacket will be gems to be had! Be sure to not be let down, but grab them while you can!

Shoes and boots:
Versatile booties for daily use, you won’t regret it! A real wardrobe essential. For a woman, there isn’t a more iconic shoe than a good pair of boots! Unisa makes shoes to be beautiful and comfortable all day long. As experts in footwear since the 70’s you can’t go wrong.

A harsh winter means knits get an outing on frequent occasions which means they can look a bit jaded and may need updating. Take advantage of the lower priced knits and replace those snuggly winter essentials.

Glitzy, glam:
These sorts of garments come and go every year in the sale at real knocked down prices, as long as they say ‘party’ then we’re good to go! Look out for metallics, sequins and velvets to suit the party season.

Do’s and don’ts
Now! It’s very easy to get carried away in the sales, don’t squeeze your feet into tiny shoes because they’ll end up in the charity shop! Also look for your colours! It’s easy to pick up a reduced jumper, do you suit the colour?

It’s not a bargain unless it’s a bargain.

  • Do get your hands on the real value items that you know have come down in price, you’ll be sure to have them in your wardrobe forever and even better when it’s been a good deal!
  • Don’t love it and leave it, it’s bound to go before you come back after you’ve thought about it- avoid disappointment!
  • Come with your friends or shop solo but make it a fun activity finding the hidden treasures and gems, go for a light bite and coffee in order to keep you going on your shopping feet.
  • Do remember we are here to give you solid advice and guidance, even though you’re purchase/s are knocked down on price, you will still get the same, very good customer service.
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