Terms & Conditions

Emporium Publications Ltd

Terms and Conditions of Booking

Bookings are accepted subject to the following:

The advertiser will:

• Provide advertisements that are legal, decent, honest and truthful.

• Submit and pay for advertisements within 14 days of invoice or by the published copy deadline, whichever is the earlier, unless otherwise agreed.

• Provide copy instructions by the copy date; if no instructions are received by the copy date the publisher reserves the right to reprint the last copy used.

• Agree that the publisher reserves the right to omit, suspend or change the position of any advertisement.

• Agree that the publisher reserves the right to make any alteration considered necessary or desirable in an advertisement and to require artwork or copy to be amended to meet their approval.

• Confirm that you as the advertiser are solely responsible for all copyright and other intellectual property rights aspects of readable content supplied to us for inclusion in the publication, and you warrant you have free and unrestricted right to use all such material.

The publisher will:

• Confirm all bookings by email or, if no email address is held, by letter. Bookings are held subject to a cancellation period of 7 days or up until the copy deadline if that is less than 7 days. If no written cancellation is received within the cancellation period, the publisher retains the right to charge the price agreed in full for the insertion(s) even if the advertiser subsequently withdraws their advertisement or fails to provide copy for publication by the copy deadline.

• Reserve the right to charge a fee of £25 for any cheque returned by the bank.

• Perform credit checks on new or existing advertisers at its discretion.

• Aim to insert the advertisement in the position preferred by the advertiser, but cannot guarantee this.

• Provide proofs for approval by the advertiser in the event that the publisher provides an artwork or design service. Such proofs to be approved by the advertiser in writing by the approval date to be specified with each proof.

The publisher does not:

• Accept responsibility for any loss or damage caused by an error, omission or inaccuracy in the printing of the advertisement, or any failure to publish an advertisement on the date or dates specified howsoever caused.

• Guarantee the colour of the printed advertisement.


All prices are based on finished artwork supplied by the client and the publisher reserves the right to charge for any design work incurred if the artwork supplied is not in accordance with our published design specification.

The publisher reserves the right to increase advertisement rates or to amend the terms of contract with reference to space or frequency of insertion.

The publisher reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time

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