Taking care of children’s eyes from an early age


Regular examinations

The importance of regular eye examinations from an early onset cannot be over looked. During a child’s eye examination, an experienced optometrist will not only check if the child needs glasses but will also conduct a vital eye health check. Many ocular conditions amongst children can have the potential for permanent visual damage in the future if not caught as early as possible. Conditions such as lazy eyes, uncorrected refractive error are most common amongst children where if there is an imbalance between the eyes, the weaker eye has the potential to ‘switch off’ and will not develop properly. Attending regular eye examinations will minimise this likelihood and provide children with the bests start to educational, and functional development.

What if your child is not fluent with letters or reading?

No problem – an optometrist will adapt every eye examination to suit your child’s ability, by using picture cards, matching games or many objective tests to obtain an accurate reading, the eye examination becomes an interactive game.

Here at Anstee & Proctor Opticians in Daventry, we are an established independent practice with over 80 years experience testing eyes of all ages. We have several experienced optometrists who have specialist training with children in eye hospitals and provide a thorough interactive assessment of your child’s visual needs. It is advised that children have their eyes examined well before they start school to alleviate any potential for future problems. Children up to the age of 18 years in full time education are entitled to an NHS funded eye examination to provide every child with a healthy start to life.
Eyewear for sports

Many children including those entering their teenage years or involved in sport activities can also explore the options around contact lens wear, sport specific eyewear and sunglasses. Children are at a higher risk of UV damage than adults as children often spend a considerable time outdoors with full exposure to harmful UV rays. A survey by the Eyecare Trust estimates that 80 percent of lifetime UV exposure happens by the age of 18 years old therefore a good quality pair of sunglasses will help protect your child’s eyes.

At Anstee & Proctor we offer a range of services for all children to suit their needs, and urge every child who has not had an eye examination to be booked in for session of fun and games!

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