Shop local this Christmas


And teach your children the value of supporting your local independent stores.

The last few of these articles have been about kids going off to university or starting new schools but this one is about them being at home.

First off, let’s agree that despite our occasional grumbles the majority of us like where we live or we would have found a way not to live there anymore. Regardless of which version of good old Village Emporium you are reading this in you are, to some extent at least, part of the community. It is the community our older kids will come back to from uni and the one that the younger ones will learn to ride their new bike around on Boxing day. It may not be perfect but it is yours.

Can I ask a small favour?

What I suggest is that instead of buying Uncle Fred a gift off the internet, spend the money on something from your local community and get the kids involved when you do, because one day it may be them setting up a small shop in your town.

If you look around you will find everything from people who make tree decorations and wreaths, through to farmers who will provide you with the best produce for the Christmas dinner. Go hunting through the nearby antiques shops for a present or spend some money in one of the smaller independent stores. Have a few cards made for the special people in your world or go and learn a craft with one of our many local experts.

Spending time with your family

Here is why I want you to do this. Christmas, in whatever way you celebrate it, is an opportunity to spend some time simply having fun and enjoying our families and friends. What I want you to do is spread that a little further with this one small gesture of support. To us, it is a minor difference, but if enough of us do this, to the artisans, craftspeople, food producers, merchants, shopkeepers and other local businesses we visit it will be a Christmas boost. It will be a moment of thanks for our communities.

And why take the kids? Well, if they pick this habit up and continue it then wouldn’t that be a brilliant tradition to start? If we teach them the community matters it will matter to them.

Have a great Christmas one and all.

Kevin Robinson
Creative Director Media Arts 13

Kevin Robinson (6 Posts)


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