Rhythms of the Year


From Hereabout Hill by Seàn Rafferty From Hereabout Hill the sun early rising looks over his fields where the river runs by; at the green of the wheat and the green of the barley and Candlelight Meadow the pride of his eye. The clock on the wall strikes eight in the kitchen the clock in the parlour says twenty to nine; the thrush has a song and the blackbird another the weather reporter says cloudless and fine. coque iphone x It’s green by the hedge and white by the peartree in Hereabout village the date is today; and the time is the springtime the first of the month and the month is May. I adore this poem; it really captures the essence of the time of year through colours, sounds and light. coque iphone 2019 This is the perfect season for exploring the great outdoors, whether in your garden, across the fields or along the hedgerows. coque iphone pas cher I was lucky enough to have a childhood in the heart of the countryside, which meant being outside much of the time; watching the weather, playing out till late on summer evenings, picking and eating fruit and veg and knowing the ground was warm enough for planting seeds. coque iphone I learnt the names of the trees bursting with blossom, how to identify plants from their emerging leaves and most importantly to me as a florist now, the seasonal flowers month by month – my Mum showed me how to cut and condition a bucketful of ingredients ready for arranging in vases for the house. coque iphone 6 In this way, knowing and feeling the seasons became a way of life for me and still helps shape the rhythm of my year. coque iphone pas cher If you can, make the time to get outdoors today: see the hedgerows and fields gradually transforming from the dusky greys, browns and purples of winter to vibrant greens, pinks and yellows of spring and summer.

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