Christmas office party – good or bad idea!



Many of us look forward to celebrating Christmas with our work colleagues. It’s a chance to get out of the office and have a bit of fun. But for some employees the morning after is full of embarrassment and regret. Your behaviour at such events could seriously damage your career. Equally, if handled correctly you can also do a lot of good for your career at the annual festivities. Always attend even if it’s for just a short while as this demonstrates your willingness to be part of a team. Dress appropriately- you may be excited by the opportunity to get out of your work attire but remember that you are still with work colleagues and probably your boss. Where you are going will have an impact on how you dress but whatever the venue its best to avoid clothing that is overtly sexual.

Beware of the booze!!

At many parties there will be alcohol and it can be tempting to over indulge, especially if the boss is paying. But it’s best to drink in moderation and alternate alcohol with water. If you feel you may be getting a little too relaxed opt for soft drinks. coque iphone 8 Remember to eat well to soak up the alcohol.


Do socialise and chat to lots of people at the party. coque iphone It can be a good time to build relationships with colleagues from other departments, or those you’d like to impress but don’t usually get chance to speak to, so do circulate. Don’t be boring by talking about nothing but work however. Usually some general conversation about holidays, families and hobbies will suffice and can stand you in good stead when you need to get these people on side for your next work deal. coque iphone 2019 pas cher Don’t be tempted to be drawn into gossip or talk about others or the organisations latest ideas in a negative way. You never know who’s standing behind you. Of course don’t swear, be impolite or vulgar. coque iphone 8 It may be that you have fancied one of your colleagues for months ( or they become irresistibly attractive once you’ve had a few drinks), but insisting that they join you under the mistletoe or showing them your best Dirty Dance moves is not advisable. coque iphone 7 These could lead to public humiliation at the event and years of teasing and having to avoid a ‘certain someone’.


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