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Why Easter can be the start of a difficult time for learners.

I was in teaching for some years and in my experience there a few points in the year where learners feel the pressure. The most obvious one is the exam / final work submission period but the one that gets forgotten is the period starting from around Easter when the learner, no matter what the age or level, is on the slow build to the end of the year. I am fortunate that my youngest (the only one still in education) goes to a fantastic school that really pushes her while also being incredibly supportive and understanding. No matter how good the school however the learners are still preparing for final course work, university exams, GCSEs and everything in between. For me at least the best help at this stage can come from parents, particularly if they are flexible in the support they offer. What I mean by this is that you know your offspring better than anyone else so tailor the support to match their personality and circumstances. There is working to be done. coque iphone 6 Revision, projects, dissertations and so on are fixed and unchangeable, how you help is not. Let me give you an example. Some time ago I taught a university student who had barrier with writing, coupled with a difficulty scheduling her time. Her mother came up with an ingenious solution. She was an avid watcher of Eastenders so they came to an arrangement. coque iphone When the drums played at the end, she would ring the learner and remind her to do course submissions. It worked like a charm, the work was submitted on time and to a higher standard. Here’s a few thoughts. coque iphone 6 1. Help with ‘down time’. If all you can do is create breathing space, providing the work is happening as well, then offer that. 2. coque iphone xr Make the structure fit the learner. coque iphone Use your knowledge of your child to come up with good learning schedules. coque iphone x 3. How you did it, doesn’t matter! Make it about what works for them. 4. There are always other ways. Feel free to throw out or adapt things that don’t work for your child. The point is learning not following rules. coque iphone soldes 5. Shhhhhh! Know when to back off and allow them space.

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