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Northamptonshire offers a surprising variety of landscapes from the rolling hills in the north, to the scenic vistas and amazing woodlands in the south. If you add the Grand Union Canal with its many towpaths, quaint little villages that are secreted in history it is no wonder that they call this county the “Hidden Cotswolds”.

Distance: 4.3 miles / 9.5k steps
Duration: Approx 1.5 hours
Difficulty: Easy to moderate
Dog friendly

Download this walk, complete with turn by turn photos at:
Hellidon & Catesby are both lovely villages riddled with quaint cottages, a church, an old post office and a lost vineyard. Sitting in the Red Lion Pub front garden you will see a white rounded building on the hill in the distance. Windmill vineyard is no longer in operation, but in years gone by a shop was on the ground floor of this splendid converted windmill which was originally built in the 18th Century. It was converted into a dwelling in 1978.

We hope you enjoy this walk. There is a real mix of terrain, views, a mini-workout, fauna, wildlife, history and you may encounter a few cows along the way. Make sure that you have plenty of water with you as we guarantee that you will want a drink after a long climb up towards Catesby.

Starting at The Red Lion Pub, Stockwell Lane, Hellidon, exit the car park and turn right. You will continue along Stockwell Lane for a while. Take time to admire the fabulous window boxes, and gorgeous thatched cottages that are along this route. As you take the bend to your right you will pass a red telephone box on the right and you can spot the church on the hill to your left (up the steps).
You are now heading out of the village and shortly you will spot a well / cast iron pump to your right. Continue on the path until you reach a fork in the road, take the right fork into Catesby Lane.

The walk will lead you along a track for approximately one mile. You are in for a treat as the views are amazing and within half an hour the fantastic Clock Tower bed & Breakfast will appear to your left.
Did you know? The delightful Clock Tower building comprises part of a stable-yard built in the 1850’s.
At the crossroads, continue straight ahead, whilst looking for the footpath sign on your right. Take a moment to admire the way in which the trees have been planted here and you are transported right back to Downtown Abbey days! Turn left at the end of the field following the signs for the Luxury Dog Hotel, although you will be turning off onto another footpath before you reach this unusual place.

Once you have walked along the well maintained lush green footpath, admiring the ponds to your left and your right, brace yourself for a workout! The path is just about to get interesting as you follow the roller coaster path, while dodging the badger holes and climbing uphill. I urge you to stop at least once on this climb as the views behind you are spectacular.

You have now entered the quaint village of Catesby. At the T—Junction, turn left then take care when crossing the busy road (they drive fast around that tight bend!). Head for the dirt track directly in front of you. After a short walk on the dirt track, take a right onto the Byway. The sign of the byway is hidden in the trees to your left.

You will now cross a series of fields, many of these may have livestock. As mentioned, the downloadable walk has step by step instructions, which includes pictures of each gate you need to cross through these fields. Eventually, you will exit your last field and walk through a farm which is on the public footpath. This path brings you out onto the main road which will take you back to The Red Lion for a well-deserved drink in the pub.

As a reminder, please walk on the right hand side of the road with exception to the bends – it is wise to cross the road when navigating a blind bend.


Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to capture a photo of the hidden well on Stockwell Lane.

For each Adventure Geek walk we will challenge you to take a photo and upload to Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #AGPhotoChallenge

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