Artist in the frame… Will Hewitt


How did your artwork start out?
I started as a narrowboat painter at a boatyard in Braunston when I was 16. I was drawn to the bright colours laid out in different shapes and styles.

Who inspired you?
My role models would have to be the traditional style painters from the Braunston boatyards, in particular Ron Hough.

How do you get ideas for each piece?
Narrowboat decoration and traditional signwriting is more a commercial art. The rules are pretty clear, it’s just a matter of developing your own style and making it fit each job & brief.

Where is your artwork for sale/displayed?
My works displayed all over the canal network. There’s nothing like seeing some of your own signwriting on a narrowboat chugging past as you walk along the canal towpath.

What’s next for you in the future?
I would like to paint more shop signs and give the plastic stick on letters a bit of competition to bring a bit of flair to the high street!

What’s your favourite drink whilst being creative?
Definitely a mug of tea!!

Contact: Will Hewitt 07934 440949


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