Male grooming


Guys! Personal hygiene is not just for women!

Facial hair: If you like a beard or a spot of stubble acquaint yourself with a beard trimmer. A well-trimmed beard is a thing of beauty; an unkempt one can result in passers-by throwing coins at you. And beard trimmers are not just for beards; there is generally hair elsewhere which could benefit from a little ‘management’ too! While we’re on the subject, nose-clippers are cheap; there is no excuse for furry nostrils!

Nails: Gross nails are a no-no. A soft nail-brush and some precision clippers teamed with hand cream work wonders. If your hands are in a bad way consider a man-icure. Don’t scoff, a therapist will slough off calluses, push-back your cuticles and buff your nails to a perfect length. Don’t stop at your hands either: feet benefit from TLC too.

Teeth: A great smile falls flat if your breath smells. Brush and floss every day because plaque is persistent. The sticky film of bacteria re-forms within a 24-hour period. Decay means expensive and possibly painful dental treatment. Plus you never know when you might be called upon to kiss the girl (or guy) of your dreams.

Body odour: We all have our own body odour, even when we’re clean and fresh. The term BO generally refers to

Bad Body Odour (perhaps it should be renamed BBO!). Sadly men are more prone to it because they sweat more. Fresh sweat doesn’t smell unpleasant; it’s bacteria which cause the unpleasant niff. Spraying yourself with body spray doesn’t fool anyone. Launder clothes regularly, shower daily and use a good quality anti-perspirant. If you’d like to wear aftershave but don’t know which scent suits you, take a female friend along to the counter and ask for her opinion.

When life is busy it’s easy to let personal hygiene slide but a little effort goes a long way.

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