Make your magazines green


Enjoyed your magazine? Here are some tips to make it last even longer. coque iphone 6 Get a shredder and make pet bedding or filler for packaging

  • Get crafty – Rip up the pages and use them for decoupage projects. Why not cover empty bottles or bowls to make unique peices of art?
  • Pass them on to someone else to read
  • Make your own Christmas tree Break with tradition and make your own Christmas tree out of rolls of newspaper. coque iphone You’ll need a strong cardboard tube to stick them to, but it’s surprisingly easy to put together once you’ve sourced one.
  • Shoe deodoriser Keep those trainers smelling fresh as a daisy by sprinkling some baking powder onto some paper and scrunching into balls. coque iphone Place them in your shoes overnight and by morning they’ll have soaked up any moisture and odour.
  • De-grease your oven Don’t waste your cleaning cloths or sponges to de-grease your oven – it can ruin your cloths! Simply use scrunched up newspaper to get rid of oil and fat before washing. coque iphone xr It works a treat. coque iphone pas cher Create some handy trivets or coasters Make pin-wheels and glue them together to make a square or circle shapes.
  • Make your own bunting Bunting can look great in any colour of pattern – sometimes the more colourful and random the better! Cut your shapes out and use twine to attach them all together. I find using a punch hole to punch in hole and weaving the twine in and out works well.
  • Make your own seedling pots They’re great for small plants and when they’re ready you can even plant the paper pots straight into the ground once the plants are ready to go outside.
  • Recycle If none of these ideas appeal please make sure you put your used magazines into the correct recycling bin so they can be turned back into paper which can be used all over again!

Green printers

We use printers that have a genuine commitment to making a positive contribution to the environment.


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