Books are great – have one (or two) on us!!


Reading reduces stress. Reading about something you enjoy or losing yourself in a good novel is an excellent way to relax. It can ease tension in your muscles and heart while letting your brain wander to new ideas and live in someone else’s shoes. Reading is a mini vacation for your brain!

10 Benefits of reading: why you should read every day

Cheap entertainment. Compared to other forms of entertainment, books are quite cheap. You will never get a film ticket for under £10. But, with this money, you can buy yourself a book and be entertained for many hours.

Portable entertainment. Books are portable and light in weight. They are not like bulky computers and games that take too much space. With a book, you can pack it in your handbag and easily carry it everywhere.

Stress reduction. Reading has a positive effect on the body as well. Reading a book can relieve stress better than taking a walk or listening to music. According to studies who read more tend to have lower stress levels.

Knowledge. Books are a rich source of information. Reading books on varied subjects imparts information and increases the depth about the subject as well.

Vocabulary expansion. The more you read and write, the better you communicate. Increasing your ability to communicate, improves your relationships and even makes you a better employee or student.

Memory improvement. Every time you read a book, you have to remember the setting of the book, the characters, their backgrounds, their history, their personalities, the sub-plots and so much more. As your brain learns to remember all this, your memory becomes better.

Stronger thinking skills. One of the primary benefits of reading books is its ability to develop critical thinking skills. For example, reading a mystery novel sharpens your mind. Critical thinking skills are crucial when it comes to making important day to day decisions.

Improved focus and concentration. Read a book at least 20 minutes a day, and you will be amazed at how much more focused you will be.

Better writing skills. Reading a well-written book affects your ability to become a better writer. Just like artists influence others, so do writers.

A fruitful hobby. Reading books keep us occupied. It also leads to a fruitful use of time.

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