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Northamptonshire offers a surprising variety of landscapes from the rolling hills in the north, to the scenic vistas and amazing woodlands in the south. If you add the Grand Union Canal with its many towpaths, quaint little villages that are secreted in history it is no wonder that they call this county the “Hidden Cotswolds”. FLORE – NARROW BOAT – CIRCULAR WALK Distance: 4.7 miles Surface: Moderate Difficulty: Easy Flore (or historically spelt Floore) is a fabulous village which is laden with hidden treasures to explore. Along this walk you will come across a tree with a hollow that is so deep you can’t help but put your head inside to investigate, as well as stunning fields, well kept pathways, a few stiles (which are dog friendly), a fabulous Grade II listed church which has artefacts that date back to the 1400’s and a very beautiful house that glows in the dark!

History fact:

The thatched cottage in Flore called Adams Cottage is said to be the home of the ancestors of John Adams, the second President of the United States of America. soldes coque iphone (Wikipedia) Route: Starting from Weedon Cemetery you will head towards the A5 and cross the main road. This is a busy road, so please be vigilant whilst crossing. Follow the footpath signs along as you walk over a couple of small bridges and a few open fields. You will see the church in the distance which is your first mini pit-stop. coque iphone 6 I urge you to turn around and look where you have come from as the views are quite breathtaking, both night and day. The footpath is clearly signposted and you will notice that the River Nene is a constant presence on your right hand side until you reach the village of Nether Heyford.

Did you know?

Nether Heyford has one of the largest village greens in England? We are not walking by Whitehall Farm, Nether Heyford, but it is interesting to note that two bodies were discovered there a few years ago (2015) by metal detectors! The area turned out to be a rather well kept Anglo Saxon Cemetery, but I can imagine it was all rather exciting at the time! As you reach the outskirts of Nether Heyford take the footpath that leads off to the right (do not follow the path into the village). This footpath takes you along the rear of some modern houses, but this is also where you will spot the special “empty” tree! Continue along the footpath and you will start to see the Grand Union Canal on your left. Before you reach Heyford Lane, take a right onto the towpath. Please be aware that there are elements of the towpath that are rather narrow, therefore I would recommend walking this section in single file. coque iphone soldes You will spot moorhens, swans and many other wildlife along this stretch of waterways. It is extremely peaceful, even with the distance hum of a canal boat engine or two. You will pass Stowe Hill Marina on your left, then continue along the footpath and go under the A5. From here, you have a choice. You can either continue along the footpath until you reach steps that go up (on your right) and take the last ¼ mile over the open fields, or continue along the footpath until you see steps that go down, which brings you out to where you started! (if you wanted the longer route then I suggest the first option).


There are a few options for parking. Either park at the Narrow Boat Pub, A5 Watling Street, Weedon and commence your walk from there (please only park there if you intend to use their services). Alternatively, park at Weedon Cemetery, Church Street, Weedon. NN7 4ED. coque iphone 2019 There is something magical about walking in the winter time. Whether it’s the frosty footsteps, the clear crisp air, or the breathtaking views, it’s a wonderful time to go walking and Northamptonshire/Warwickshire have many walks that we can enjoy right on our doorstep.

Check out our latest guided walks: Adventure is a way of life. coque iphone x With my trusty backpack (Nellie) and my comfy walking boots, life is a dream.

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